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  1. TexasBulldogger

    Terraplane brake pedal on GL1100

    Can I ask for pictures of brake pedals on Terraplane set ups? I had the Vetter (go-cart) brake system on my first car back in the 80's and remember plenty of room for my feet on floorboards. As well as touching either or both of the pedals. I can't for the life of me figure out what's...
  2. TexasBulldogger

    Looks like a Terraplane frame Found this on Craiglist this morning. Definitely a rebuild Terraplane frame. Nice powder coat paint job.
  3. TexasBulldogger

    Terraplane brake modification

    Has anyone considered or attempted to use the bike front brake master cylinder into the car brake instead of the single front wheel rotor? My first rig had the double pedal set up and bike had floorboards. Don't remember any problems with getting everything in place. I'm running my new hack...
  4. TexasBulldogger

    Leading link or leg / Modified trees

    Anyone have or know where to get sidecar front suspension for ’83 GL1100
  5. TexasBulldogger

    Steering damper pictures

    Afternoon, anyone have pictures of GL1100 and Terraplane with steering damper? Need a little help to get VW damper mounted. Previous owner included a box of extras. VW damper question. Never had one in my hand before. I can slowly move the rod without restriction, which I think would be...
  6. TexasBulldogger

    New Member lost in SE Pennsylvania

    Evering, Vetters Just finished installing my second TP. First one was in the 80's with an 82 Aspendcade. This one is mounted to my 83 Interstate. Bought it 7 years ago from original owner without even starting it. Needed a new starter. Ten minute fix and haven't looked back. Been thinking...
  7. TexasBulldogger

    New to me. My second Terraplane.

    Just finished mounting s/n 498 to my 83 GL1100 Interstate. Hack is in great shape, but brakes are a bit gone. I actually poured dust out of master cylinder. With Airheart no longer supporting the smaller systems. I resorted to buying new MCP Brake Systems 18875 Brake Master Cylinder, 7/8...