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  1. philwarner

    S1000 on my 66 Yamaha YM1.

    I took a trip down memory lane today when a discussion of steering dampers came up on the Wild Guzzi web site and I related that I had used the friction damper on my 1966 Yamaha 305 YM1 Cross Country Sport until I was carrying the bike in the back of a pickup on a vacation in Savannah Ga when a...
  2. philwarner

    Would Moto Guzzi V1000 brackets fit a 96 California?

    I am looking at a Vetter Windjammer IV for sale and the fellow says he has the mounting hardware that fit his 80s Moto Guzzi V1000 and “Fits all large Moto Guzzi's 1970 thru 1990. Unfortunately he is a 4 hour drive away so it is not convenient to go look unless I think the mounting hardware...
  3. philwarner

    1500 on eBay

    White 1500 on eBay without windshield $400 plus shipping Seller thinks it is an S1000 from 1966 so I sent him an...
  4. philwarner

    S1000 new forum member

    I just signed up for the forum, but my S1000 and 1966 yamaha YM1 305 Cross Country Sport are still in the back corner of the barn awaiting Spring to drag them out into the light for photos to send.