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  1. HorrorGuy

    Vetter on American Motorcyclist cover.

    A Vetter on the American Motorcyclist Magazine early 80s.The cover talks about a Vetter Rally .Anyone here go to that ?
  2. HorrorGuy

    Suzuki Savage

    I getting a Suzuki Savage for free.I am planning on putting a sidecar on it and using it mostly in the winter.Has anyone here put a Windjammer fairing on one.if so post a picture
  3. HorrorGuy

    Vetter Terraplane Christmas pictures.

    Does anyone have Sidecar Santa pictures with their Terriplane ? Please if you do post them over on the USCA facebook page .I help run the page and I am hoping to see some Holiday decorated Vetter Terraplanes on the page in the next couple weeks.Please also post pictures of your Terraplanes there...
  4. HorrorGuy

    Terraplane turn signals.

    I found a set of nice amber running lights i will order for the sidecar.They will be the turn signals.Being that they are led i may have have to use a different turn signal relay.I found that 1966 Pontiac fog light i was planning on using as "head light " .If i can get to look right i will use...
  5. HorrorGuy

    Vetter Terraplane ad

    A picture from a Vetter brochure on Ebay .
  6. HorrorGuy

    A few pictures needed.

    I found a youtube vid of a Terraplane for sale.It showed a plastic looking piece covering the area where the roll bar meets the frame on the bottom.That answers a question about keeping water out. If any ony can get a picture of this part it would help .I am just going to make 2 and that will...
  7. HorrorGuy

    Parts list/exploded diagram.

    Was there ever a complete parts list with an exploded diagram for the Vetter Terraplane ? I just want it for a reference guide .I figure a Vetter dealer would have had something like this so there must be one somewhere.
  8. HorrorGuy

    windshield question

    I am seeing that the clips are the way to mount the windshield without the cracking problems .How many of the clips are used. I am guessing the front has plastic screws holding the windshield ? Is there a foam strip ? The side windshield panels are available. How are they mounted ? I guess...
  9. HorrorGuy

    Terraplane #432

    With all the fun going on here in Jersey I have been working on Terraplane #432 .I got a seat for free [my favorite price ].It was a gaming chair which I will make work by making a hinge to flip it forward.It looks like a racing seat .Tail light wise I found a small tail light that fits .If i...
  10. HorrorGuy

    Support Bar Question

    Finialy working on my Vetter Terraplane project.Put it up on a table which force me to squeeze by it everytime I was in the garage.There are supports under the the top half of the body .The one end of the supports are angled.I am guessing that that end bolts to the roll bar.Since I haven't seen...
  11. HorrorGuy

    Serial Numbers Terraplane

    In the garage working on the Terraplane.Since i got it on a table to work its a lot easier to work on .I looked at the tag on the body the # was 07 100 432. I figured it was#432 in the run .What do the 07 and the 100 part of the serial # mean ?
  12. HorrorGuy

    USCA National Meet 2017

    The 2017 National USCA Rally will be held near Corning, NY. The dates are July 28,29 and 30. The rally will be held at the Ferenbaugh Campground.A great place to show off your Terraplane sidecars.I am the the NJ rep of the United Sidecar Association so i am planning on going. As i get the info i...
  13. HorrorGuy

    The search begins

    heres what i picked up by Trenton last night.its stuffed in my garage so the pictures are not great .a different hub and wheel were adapted to it .the seat is missing but a reclining seat from ebay will fit the bill.the top is primer so when i find a bike for it i will paint it,i am happy...
  14. HorrorGuy

    Parts list

    i am looking for an exploded diagram for the Terraplane.What was used as seals to keep water out of the interior of the sidecar ?
  15. HorrorGuy

    molding question

    i just picked up a Vetter Terraplane today .it was a project for a couple of owners.good shape.Anyone know where to get the body molding that covers where the upper and lower body meet ?