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  1. Two"85s"

    windshield clips

    Does anyone know of a source for the clips that hold the windshields on? And as long as I'm mining unobtaineum, how about OEM striping and name stickers?
  2. Two"85s"

    better late than never

    So it's ben four and half years that my Terraplane has sat in the garage collecting dust, No more! Last week I pushed all my other projects aside and started drilling rivets. I now have it completely disassembled new seat foam on order the frame is off to the be sandblasted and I'm trying to...
  3. Two"85s"

    part # on mounts?

    I revived some bike side mounts for a GL1xxx from a kind person that has allow me to make patterns that I might reproduce them. In the course of my work I have found all save one has a nine digit ( part) number stamped on them. I also found them mark "V-8-31-81" this was added with a...
  4. Two"85s"

    No more brakes!

    I was just on the Airheart web site and they have stopped all production of new and replacement parts for our brakes. :(
  5. Two"85s"

    Yahoo fourm move

    The Yahoo Terraplane group has bean moved to Groups.io, easy to get with out new email account.
  6. Two"85s"

    Pics and a question

    I would like to now if this a factory paint/gel-coat, what do you think?
  7. Two"85s"

    Found a Keeper

    Picked this up last spring, ready to get some work done.