WTB Liberator Fairing

I'm looking for a Liberator Fairing to restore my '76 FLH. I have the complete original but it's too damaged to repair. I would prefer black since it was the original color but I know that a slim chance due to low production in that color, but a white one will work too.
This bike has been in my family since new. Originally bought by my grandfather, passed on to my father and then on to me. Just trying to get it back to original configuration. I'm located in northern IL.

Thanks for your time,
I have been in touch with a gentleman in the Fargo area that used to own a HD dealership and may have at least one Liberator in one of his storage sheds. He would be willing to part with it. We did not talk about prices, this would be new in box so I would think $600 might be a fair price to offer maybe. Fargo is on the border with Minnesota on I 94 if you would be interested in looking at it or even getting it from him. Send my a pm and I will give you his phone contact.
Hi people, have been trying to get on here for 2 days. Finally tonight I happened to notice with my old eyes I put 1 letter wrong in my e/m and that is why I wasn't getting a confirmation. Have been riding Harleys since 63 and still have my old 78 1/2 shovel. Since getting it in 85 I have had a 87 classic, a 93 classic and in the last 5 years a 2007 CVO and then a 2008 Classic. Didn't like either of them except my old shovel which I still have. I see someone on here was looking for a Liberator fairing. I have one in my shed I haven't seen in years that I would sell if interested. It is not perfect, windshield is broken and lights are missing but can be replaced, not sure of leather pouch covers as I have not seen it in years, but if interested let me know and I will see if I can get some pics. When I got it over 20 years ago I had to have it shipped by bus, don't know if there are any more options now. By the way I am in central Florida. Thanks, Jerry
I have been looking for a NOS one for a very long time. There has to be some stuffed away in a warehouse somewhere. I have a number of NOS Vetters and a Liberator would sure look nice in the collection.
I have been looking for a NOS one for a very long time. There has to be some stuffed away in a warehouse somewhere. I have a number of NOS Vetters and a Liberator would sure look nice in the collection.
Shoot me a private message and I will give you the number to the guy in Fargo ND who just may want to unload one.
Sorry guys, got sidetracked on another project and completely forgot to check this after posting. Thanks for the replies. Still haven’t found one. I’m not starving for one so not going to go crazy on the price. More than $400 would be too much for me. I can get the current one fixed for less and then the cost of having to have it painted black to match the bike.
I really appreciate you guys taking the time to reply. Let me know if any of your offers still stand and I’ll reply much sooner this time.


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Those things are getting pretty rare. I think a number of them are destroyed now. Finding a NOS is like a unicorn.
Not only that Liberators were made of Fiberglas. Unlike ABS plastic Fiberglas can and will rot over time. Not only is it's rare to find one, finding one that's been kept in a controlled environment is going to be near impossible at best. If I had an old Liberator fairing, even if it needs a lot of help, I'd contact Airtech Vintage Fairings and see if they would like to patch it enough to pull a mold off it. Patents on it are long gone so Airtech could add it to their extensive line of new, vintage fairings. It's large enough to fit on nearly every Cruiser that's ever been made. I'd love to fit a new Liberator on a modern bike. As for fitting vintage style hardware on it, all that stuff is still available but I would prefer going with the latest LED headlights, turn signals, and, clearance/pilot lights. As for that gauge panel the Liberator came with that could be replaced with an Android Tablet for Audio and GPS like those found on Touring Harley Davidson's.