VOG Premier Patch Awards!

If you are on the list below shoot me your mailing address via Conversation (private message) and I will send the patch out to you. No costs involved. Craig and Carol were sent the first ones.

Steppenwolf (claimed)
Sparkfly88 (claimed)
brianpa (claimed)
Terraplane Tom (claimed)
roncar (claimed)
PAUL politsch
Metal_Bob (claimed)
John Young (claimed)
oldbob (claimed)
Rickrod3 (claimed)
Kevin Zdenek (claimed)
Larry Fine (claimed)
Alan Smith (claimed)
Epic Trekker (claimed)
MN80CX500 (claimed)
Jomarh (claimed)
Scott (claimed)
Len Lutz (claimed)
aliensatemybuick (claimed)
rob.lafady (claimed)
Jimandmona (claimed)
michael_pickell (claimed)
Saxonplace (claimed)
Bladequarter (claimed)
BeachedSquirrel (claimed)
VoodooRed_KZ1100_A-3 (claimed)
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Learning the Ropes
So how many besides me bought/got an official Vetter pin recently?

I forgot about it till I saw it on my "fun vest" yesterday.
Well now you went and did it AVETTERXS..you know I don't handle stress or decision making so what am I gonna do with my patch and my 30 year old blue jean jacket????
Should I put it on a pocket..

My right shoulder is already taken with this..

or should I put it on my left shoulder...

I can't handle the stress...please someone decide for me.....:)



Five Star Vetteral
Oh geezee....which pocket..left or right....where is my Valium? I am a nervous wreck at this point..:)
I am still waiting for my 14" GoldWing Patch, then I will be going through the same thing. One good thing is I am only using a vest so I won't need to worry about sleeves.

Never thought of that Ron..so I went to my desk to put the patch up on top as you suggested but my kitty had it occupied at the time:)

So I took the patch and put it on my note book...pretty cool I thought......

empty shoulder UNLESS most of those million miles included the windjammer. If so, under the million patch :)
No that did not include any bike miles:) I got that when I was hauling hospital supplies in VA,WV and south eastern KY for about eight years,I am proud of that I admit..only worked there for 8 years till some company back stabbing went on:eek: