Vetter Owners Group Forum Coming Soon

Aug 25, 2013
Coeur d'Alene, ID
I am putting together this forum little by little. There is no real data as of yet, however it will be coming soon. If you happen to stumble on it via search engines and want to help to build the community shoot me a PM.

This is new forum software and I have no working history with xenForo, however it is the best on the market. I am a former vBulletin fan, but I am noticing xenForo kicks it's butt in many ways. I am also running a few cool plugins like the XenGalley by Sonnb.

So, what is this forum about? Its based around the fairing side of Craig Vetters design career.

I have been a Windjammer fan since I was a young screwball. I am 39 now and have been riding and building motorcycles since I was 12 years old. At 16 my friend Adam and I had a 76 CB750 with a fill blown Windjammer IV with a Cycle Sound unit. Fast forward to today, not much has changed hobby wise, here I am building bikes, and restoring Vetter fairings and accessories. Currently I am working on a 1979 Yamaha XS Eleven Special with a Windjammer SS.

Being in the design world myself, I decided I wanted to do something cool and new. Being familiar with web, graphic, and Vetter goodies I figured I would create a community focused around one of my most admired designers Craig Vetter and his creations.

So, here we are, the new Vetter Owners Group forum. A place for pictorial and technical information about Vetter products. Like I said, this forum is new, and being built as we speak. I am currently working on the design. I hope to have something up in a week or so. Categories are not final nor is anything really, its all being worked on and tested.

Stay tuned, ask question, give suggestions!