Unknown fairing with Cycle sound - not one of the first Windjammers at all but a 100% clone...

Dave Ireland

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Got that fairing for one Euro :clap...

Will pick it up in two weeks or so. Keep you informed.

Excellent. There are still plenty of bargains to be had, as most recent riders haven't ridden long and hard in adverse weather, so don't know the joys of a fairing. They think fairings are ugly. When I look at fairings, I do so with an eye to their effectiveness and the aesthetic is secondary. Anyway, because of the low demand for them, they're still dirt cheap. Grab a couple while you can, because eventually the supply will dry up.


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It came from the US together with an old Moto Guzzi.

If anybody is interested in the brackets - let me know.



Hallo Dieter
ich habe vor eine Moto Guzzi V65C (siehe http://www.tutti.ch/thurgau/fahrzeuge/motorraeder/angebote/moto-guzzi-v65-c_19091050.htm) mit einer Vetter Verkleidung auszustatten. Evtl. könnte ich die Halterung gebrauchen. Könntest du ein Bild posten oder mir per Mail (mig21@gmx.ch) zukommen lassen?
Bin noch neu hier in der Community und suche eine Vetter II ohne Blinker. Auf ebay habe ich folgende gefunden: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/treebay-ad.html?id=v1|272993002777|0
Da ich in Zürich wohne, ist mir Berlin aber zu weit. Hast du vielleicht so was oder kennst du jemanden im Süddeutschen Raum?
Wäre cool von dir zu hören.
Gruss aus der Schweiz


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Hi guys,

big surprise, just picked up the fairing - that one is old, really old. It‘s not made of ABS but made of fiberglas!!! Seems to be in quite good shape, photos will follow.

Did not find any number plate. Where do I have to look for a serial number?



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Had a look at craigs page. According his information, my fairing must be one of the very first - made between September and November 71 as there is no serial number plate. I will look for the scratched in number tomorrow.



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soft cover.jpg
Today I was dis
mantling the fairing.

Under the cycle sound box I found a sticker from A&B fibreglass productions from Huntington Beach, CA.....OK the dream of a really old Windjammer passed away:tomato.

However, this fairing seems to be a 100% clone of the old WJ. Even the shape of the windscreen is identical and my original WJ4 storage box soft cover fits to the A&B version.

Does anybody know anything about this?

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Alan 63

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From what I can see , it looks like a windjammer and looks to be made from abs plastic , and not fibreglass . Perhaps the sticker you found under the cycle sound was from a previous owner (?) , dealer ?
Looks like a good find and well bought
Here are the original photos from the German eBay auction. These links disappear over time leaving people wondering what the post was about. Its nice for people looking for Vetter knowledge in the future to know the entire story. :rad

Other than the side marker lights, it looks like the very first Windjammer I had back in 1973 or74. I had the first Windjammer in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Both Honda dealers sold many fairings because people had seen mine and talked to me about them. Unfortunately I did NOT receive any commissions on these sales.