Replacement lock for Vetter trunk

Discussion in 'Vetter Luggage' started by suzukizone, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Hi, just joined group. Needed to replace the cylindrical lock on my Vetter trunk. Craig didn't have these but I found an eBay solution that required just a wee bit of modification.

    1. Here's the item. BYW this is a great seller with fast and free shipping and low price.

    2. I used the old arm from the original but had to "hog" out the square hole with a Dremel grinder using a very thin bit that had diamond grit on it. Not the most perfect job but I worked slowly to minimize excessive cutting.

    3. I had to adjust the angle of the bend on the arm as the new lock is slightly shorter that the original but got a snug fit without too much hassle.

    4. I used thread lock on the large nut that holds the mechanism together and an the screw that secures the arm. It is snug turning the key but fine elsewhys.

    5. Here is link to the pics I took of the job. The flat silver arm that comes with the new lock is not used and can be saved or tossed. I recycle metal so it went into the bin. See images here:

    If you are looking to replace this lock at a fair price, hope this helps.


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