Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Fork Emulator

I have these in my XS11 forks. I actually sent them to Race Tech and they did the treatment. The bike sure handles like a champ. I was also told by Race Tech that you really need to replace the rear shocks because they work together and have a large impact on how the bike handles. I guess, most folks just do the forks and leave the rears stock. So, I bought some progressive rears.


Learning the Ropes
The shocks on my KZ1100A3 are pneumatically adjustable both front and rear. but really when you brake hard all that eight is going forward not to the rear.


Learning the Ropes
We aren't allowed many F#@$ups. The Traffic in my area has tripled since I started riding. And the skill of the drivers has decreased mostly due to foreigners that were rubber stamp a lic.

I too like to leisurely ride. I see this like having a free parchute on a plane, I rather have and not need it, than need and not have it.
Here in Cali, I the big problem we are having is texting while driving. I see it regularly when I look out my car window into other cars. I was rear ended by a teenage texter. My assistant was rear ended by a car that was rear ended by a texter. Teenage drivers are bad enough drivers, then you distract them with mobile phones.