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Discussion in 'Ask Craig Vetter a Question' started by MagnaWing, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Hello Craig! I mean "Mr. Vetter." Love your designs and builds.

    First of all, thank you for maintaining the website with so much useful (and free!) information. Very noble and kind of you.

    My question is this: Did you produce an “official” Vetter RIDER backrest for use with your tourpack and mounting brackets?

    I recently acquired a very nice set of your gear, including a “Windjammer 5” fairing with type 53 lowers, with mounting brackets for the fairing (and tourpack) said to be off an early 80’s V45 Honda MAGNA.

    There are TWO brackets to mount the fairing, they are very similar, and they RESEMBLE the picture of the brackets listed (on your site) for the early 80’s V45 Honda SABRE.

    Can you verify specific vehicle fitment? I did NOT see them on a bike, and would not want to represent them as something they are not.

    I’ve attached pictures of the brackets. Not too many of them could have been produced (the Magna was not a “touring” bike) so I will understand if you don’t remember them.

    Also, a very nice backrest was in the lot. A picture is attached. Did you make this? Were there a lot of them?

    It LOOKS like there should be brackets to attach the backrest to the tourpack mount, sadly these did not come with it. Do you know what those looked like? How to find them? (part # or?)

    Thanks in advance for any help or information you can provide about your fine products!

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