New Forum: Vetter Showcase


As this forum is evolving I need to continue to think about how to make it better and better, even in its infancy we must not forget the fun aspect of what we all do. We love our motorcycles, we love our Vetter accessories, we love the lifestyle. Lets take this new category, called the Vetter Showcase, and show off everything Vetter we have. Lets flood Google Images with our lifestyle and memories.

Just a tip, when you post an image in your personal gallery or as an attachment, be sure you label it with something Vetter.

Example: 1979_xs1100_special_vetter_windjammer.jpg

This will help to ensure proper placement of your images on Google and other search engines. That way when people search for "Vetter something" they find your images.

So much fun in the future. Good things are coming. Post those pics!