Looking for input from the group on possible new Vetter product/ option

This seemed to be the place for this post so here goes.....

I've posted in the wanted area looking for the chrome covers for Vetter fariing turn signals that were available back in the day to no avail. I remember my friend's '79 Goldwing came from the factory with them and it was easy to track a pair down on J.C. Whitney and stick them on my GS850G. Personally, I think they made the bike, which was sold years ago, and they are no longer available. Fortunately, I have some pictures of the bike that was sold and have attached one.

My reason for this post is that since they are no longer available I am thinking of making them myself. Without going into detail, I've got some ideas that if they workout, I would be able to offer them to others who might be interested also.. I'm sure the GoldWing guys would be! They'd look awesome in addition to the chrome strip at the bottom of the windshield on those bikes.

Anyway, after looking at the picture, if you guys could let me know what you would be willing to pay for them if they were again available (if you were interested in a pair) it would be most helpful as this is likely the best demographic to query
. They would be adhesive backed chrome, you'd peel off the back and carefully stick them on.

Any and all input would be appreciated!

Mark (Mickeymoe)
Mark, I'm interested for sure, but to ask a potential buyer how much they'd like to pay for something is difficult at best. I' like to pay $5.00 for a pair, but that may not be realistic. Is there a way you can give us a potential cost, and see how members of the group respond?
You're right Larry, I'd rather have them for free! I should have asked how much someone would pay for them.

Nowadays sadly, 5.00 will just about cover shipping and PayPal fees. My next move is to price out chrome vinyl sheeting and the best method of perforation. Each side is different which makes the task more difficult. The one's I had back in the day where a very thin tin which where impossible to mount without putting bends and creases in them- that's my reasoning on the vinyl route.

On a side note, on Ebay I occasionally sell a flat plastic floor shifter insert that I hand-make for a 90s Chrysler corp convertible which is no longer available. They sell as soon as I post them and I charge 29.00 including shipping. They take well over an hour each to make and by the time I pay a total of 13% to Ebay and Paypal, and at the same time try to recoup the cost of some special punches and tools, I'm lucky to make 8 or 9 bucks an hour. I do it for the fans of the cars too I guess since I used to have one.

They sell immediately because there is no alternative, other than a gaping hole in the console which looks terrible. The light covers aren't the same issue, but I'd pay 29.00 for them in a heartbeat cuz' I want them!


Vetter Aficionado
I would order a roll of self adhesive Chrome Sign Vinyl to make them out of. Construction paper can be used to make the pattern for cutting the vinyl. A razor knife or x-acto knife can be used to cut the pattern and the vinyl as well. Another option my be contracting that job out to a business that has a programmable vinyl cutting machine for mass production. I no longer use Pay-Pal or eBay but that's no problem. I switched to Amazon.com years ago. Below is a link to a 12" X 10' of self adhesive Chrome Sign Vinyl. It can come in 2, 5' rolls but that's no problem if all you are going to do is make turn signal covers. If you have a Vetter Trunk that same chrome vinyl could be used to cover the side covers that come off for painting.
I'm sure it could be used for chrome trimming other items as well.