Hardware Kit Question - CB750's

Craig Vetter

Vetter Founder
Hello Craig,

Could you tell me what is the difference between the CB750 K1 – K6 hardware kit (CE0054) and the CB750 A, F, K 1977-78 hardware kit (CE0051) ??

Could CE0051 be used on the K1 – K6, and what would be the effect?
Thank You for your time,

Peter Honda


I am not sure that I knew the answers you seek in 1977.

That said: Honda seemed to make more little changes - all the time - than anyone. It was those little changes that forced us to make so many versions of 750 brackets.

They were little changes

Things like adding little tabs that were where my bracket fit.

If I were you, I'd get the closest year and model bracket we made for your bike.

I'd put it in place and if you have to trim something to make it fit, do it.

If you can get the major hose clamped areas to fit on the bike frame - without bending the Vetter bracket - you probably have a bracket that will work. Put your fairing on. Take a picture from the side and send it to me. I can tell right away if it is correct.

By the way… a Vetter Owners Forum has begun

This would be a great place to pose this question, if you want. I will reply. There just may be somebody who knows the answers already.