Ended up with a Terraplane Side car

Hello, I recently purchased a motorcycle and Terraplane side car, it was never attached to this motorcycle and the trim arm is there and the two brackets with ball joints at the ends, no other brackets. The whole side car looks hardly used. I am debating selling it or possibly mounting it on one of my motorcycles. Prices seem to be all over the place, this one has brakes also what do you think I could sell it for, thanks.


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Welcome to the forum George! I'm not much of a sidecar reference but like you mentioned, prices I have seen are anywhere from $800 to $2,000 depending on the condition.


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Welcome George!

It's tough to lock down an accurate figure for pricing. As with most things it's going to come down to what you'd like to get for it and what a buyer is willing to pay for it. I paid $2,000 for my 1981 Goldwing and the Terraplane.


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Yours looks pretty much like what mine did when I bought it for $2000, except yours has a shinier gel coat. The brakes on mine were also non-functional, but all there. My lean adjust link was also all worn out and pretty much junk.
I sure wouldn't take less than about $2000 for yours! Unless you want to sell it to me for a couple hundred, of course!