1. M

    OEM Vetter Backrest/Brackets

    Hello Craig! I mean "Mr. Vetter." Love your designs and builds. First of all, thank you for maintaining the website with so much useful (and free!) information. Very noble and kind of you. My question is this: Did you produce an “official” Vetter RIDER backrest for use with your tourpack and...
  2. M

    WTB WJ5 Hardware, Side Cases, Brackets, Radio Box, More

    I am gathering the parts and supplies I need to complete a "MagnaWing" project. I'll be using an early first Gen Honda Magna V45 or V65 (1982 or 1983). I have some stuff, but here is what I need: Things I need: Headlight and trim ring/pigtail for WJ5. Tourpack pigtail. Backrest Brackets ALL...
  3. M

    Hello from the Pacific Northwest - Seattle/Tacoma

    Hello from MagnaWing! I've just now discovered this site, after picking up a lovely bunch of Vetter stuff from CL. I have the brackets to mount the WJ5 to an early first gen Honda V45, the lowers, a very nice tourpack with tailgate rack and brackets, and a very nice tall BACKREST with LONG...
  4. B


    I have a saddlebag and trunk set with brackets and a honda fairing bracket. Moving, must sell. Too good to toss. I will upload more pictures this evening. They were on a 1978 Honda CB750 F. Shipping approx. $25/bag
  5. Streetfools

    Craigslist Vetter Haul & A Couple Questions.

    Ok Guys... I hit the mother load this morning. I tagged along with a friend to a craigslist ad for a 1986 Yamaha Venture. My buddy ended up buying the bike and when we were about to leave I was bullshitting with the seller about the 1979 GL1000 project I have and how I just put a Windjammer...