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  1. AspectOne

    Triumph Hurricane

    Very nice, a Ural is on my bucket list love thier videos too!
  2. AspectOne

    Slow this train down!

    day? what day? :flush
  3. AspectOne

    no rear brakes, what do you guys think?

    Bad master cyl.
  4. AspectOne

    Took a few pics

  5. AspectOne

    Restoring Aluminum To Stock

    For the most part when restoring Goldings/.... sand or media blast the part, then paint with a special silver made to look like original then clear coat
  6. AspectOne

    My Vetter Build 6 years in the making.

    It came out GREAT! nice job.
  7. AspectOne

    Full Vetter 1978 GL1000

    VERY sexy, dont get near mine .... probably a transgender thing will occur :bliss
  8. AspectOne

    Replacement Windshield Supplier?

    I have to depart somewhat here, always goten mine from fleabay lol :cheer
  9. AspectOne

    UK MOT Test lighting requirements for Vetter Windjammer SS

    Well it would sound as if an always on LED light bar at the bottom of the fairing with set od square LED turn indicators would fit the bill if the were keyed to come on with bike yes?
  10. AspectOne

    Vetterize a 78 GL1000

    You are exactly right, I believe those are Lester mags on that bike, front fender also looks a bit odd to me for the bike. Since you are going back to factory with this machine and then doing a Vetter tour pack I would say its not a bad deal at all if it runs out correctly of course. It has MANY...
  11. AspectOne

    Mystery Ship #3 Has Been Found

  12. AspectOne

    UK MOT Test lighting requirements for Vetter Windjammer SS

    I have an idea, but without knowing more about UK regs than I do and being new here will wait for others to respond.... do not wish to seem ignorant.
  13. AspectOne

    **********************Free Vetter Windjammer Front Fairing with K&G Saddlebags**********************

    Someones gonna get a heck of a deal here... will sit back and wait to see who from this forum may want them but I can assure you this will be a huge favor to someone. Goldwingers will eat those up! lol
  14. AspectOne

    Windjammer SS fairing turn signal / horn grills

    I never noticed those on any of my WJ's, WOW gonna have to pay better attention lol; Good spot for some LED's though?
  15. AspectOne

    Powering up my Cyclesound.

    Nice I simply LOVE my CS!!! The new bike will need to be refurbed but already found a Pyle with old style knobs for it... Great job!
  16. AspectOne

    **********************Free Vetter Windjammer Front Fairing with K&G Saddlebags**********************

    Nice set and not easily found as good as these PLEASE do not throw them away. If no one from this forum wants them I can surely find someone on our Goldwing forums that do. Congrats on the new bike too! A1
  17. AspectOne

    Rickman Polaris for Z1000ST

    I'm digging it! Thank you so much for pointing me to this thread.... you have more pics? A1
  18. AspectOne

    Mystery Ship #6

    Wow, how nice is that? Rocks on even years later!