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    Jerry....Happy birthday buddy and many more.
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    For Gold Wing riders.
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    Remember this tv show

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    Maybe I should run again.
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    my bike

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    Mister AV

    My buddy who lives in LA an actor,said ok to a low budget film and now regrets it.It was supposed to be in Barstow but now moved it to Ludlow.Here's a little composite of some of his work...
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    Happy birthday Brian!!! I very seldom see the birthdays but yours caught my eye
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    A ride with friends
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    How are you

    So, how is everybody doing? Our group is small enough that we care a bit about each other yet diversified enough that we don't go down the same trail every day.Got my cast off my leg six weeks early and trying to learn how to walk:-) It's nice that we have different kinda bikes and tastes in...
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    Install a fence on a bike

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    XS11 owners

    I have one on my fairing.Just in case you don't go to the dot com site..
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    HD with winjammer

    Not my pictures but saw this and thought it looked nice.
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    Happy birthday sparkfly..
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    For those of you on facebook I post a few pictures there of just stuff I do.I can't really help with the Vetter theme at this time but still wanna stay here.So go to Bill Duenne and my timeline and say hi.
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    An old song

    This is an old song for us partiers.
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    Nice looking rig.

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    I do like our banner bike:-) So,I had the original windshield on my bike but at 6"3 and a seat height of 30 inches my eyes hit just at the top of the windshield and was very distracting.I got the taller shield after the first year and glad I did,some reflection on it and a few other things but...
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    Riding with a fairing

    Well I think we all agree we love the Vetters no matter what style you have.It allows us to wanna be more venturesome,get out there and ride regardless of the weather,cold wet or even hot ya just feel like I gotta get that extra mile in.I have posted this on a HD site I work on behinds the...
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    Free Vetter