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  1. michael_pickell

    Windscreen Cleaning

    Maybe the compound used to restore headlight lens?
  2. michael_pickell

    Nice Original Terraplane

    I see original manuals. Could you please post :type them. It would be appreciated:clap by all.
  3. michael_pickell


    I saw this on Vetter Terraplane Sidecar Fans about Sidecar Body Removal Question. I am in the process of refurbishing my Vetter Terraplane. A PO covered the frame with gobs of reflective tape and left the sidecar uncovered in the open effectively ruining the finish. I am dismantling the car in...
  4. michael_pickell

    Windshield refinishing

    may want to try all-kleer
  5. michael_pickell

    Bakersfield to San Carlos Mexico : Ride Report (Non Vetter)

    Were is the English part of that sign?:eek:
  6. michael_pickell


    But can you ride it like this wooden one?:rad Amazing. Istvan Puskas, a 52 year old tractor driver in a small town close to Budapest, Hungary made his own motorcycle from scratch. So far nothing special, many people have done it before him. But what makes this motorcycle special, is that it is...
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    Yahoo groups Terraplane
  8. michael_pickell

    Vetter Parts

    I saw this Co. has many parts for sale.
  9. michael_pickell

    Greetins from Oklahoma

    I use to have my Beagle ride in my trunk with the lid off.
  10. michael_pickell

    LED BULB replacement

    I wanted to change my blubs to LEDs. I found out that turn signals and flashers on old bikes use the current load of the incandescence bulbs to activate a thermal switch in the flasher / signal relay. LED's do not make sufficient load to trigger them. I replaced with that below a LED compatible...
  11. michael_pickell

    Looking for 77-79 Suzuki GS750 luggage brackets

    Do you know the Item#? I just bought a set off ebay.
  12. michael_pickell

    Wind jammer

    Links to Vetter Mounting Brackets Unique, home-made fairing mounts and Guidelines
  13. michael_pickell


    I had the complete set off mine polished and re-chromed @ $120
  14. michael_pickell

    Why IS IT?

    My wife asked me why I needed anothero_O, I asked why she need more shoes? :punch I'll be sleep:yawn on the couch for a few, besides I like falling to sleep with the TV.
  15. michael_pickell

    Bigger Then We Thought!

  16. michael_pickell

    Throttlemeister Bar Ends

    Mine look nicer and are way KOOLER:rad
  17. michael_pickell

    Throttlemeister Bar Ends

    One would think :rolleyes: with a name like Throttlemeister the answer would be Kleer.