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  1. J

    Craigs X75 up for sale .....

    .... but you'll need deep pockets to buy it !!
  2. J


    Bought this today - a NOS Liberator fairing. The plan is to fit it to the Rocket III Trike that my wife, Sonia rides
  3. J

    Vetter "things" that I have or have been involved with ......

    Here's my IBR T150 : Here it is "in action" on the 2011 IBR at a fuel stop in Flagstaff And here's my T160 with a W/J III fitted (that W/J is about to go onto another T160 that has a sidecar) This is my Hurricane ...... And this is when I was temporarily the "custodian"...
  4. J

    X75 Hurricane

    Any of you guys on the forum own one of these bikes ?
  5. J

    Hello from the UK

    I have a 1969 T150 with a W/J III fitted and am just transferring another W/J III from a solo T160 to a T160 with a sidecar. Always wanted a W/J back in the seventies, but couldn't afford one back then. Regards John Young