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    Air is free

    I mounted and static balanced my tires for years but for the last few years I have let the pros have at it. What a difference when tubeless tires came along! Could really work up a sweat wrestling a tubed tire with tire irons. Breaking the bead on a tubless was easy by laying the bike wheel down...

    A work of fiction

    This is a work of whimsical fiction interspersed with nonfiction I submitted in an English Comp. class. Hope you like as much as my Instructor. JUSTIN It was another life in another lifetime. I was a young Marine stationed at Pendleton and just back from my first tour in Nam. I was...

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I toast a cup of nog to you all and Happy Birthday Jesus

    Counter Steering

    In the book; A Twist of the Wrist: The Motorcycle Roadracer's Handbook - by Keith Code There is a dramatic photo of Kenny Roberts entering a right-hander during a road race, the front wheel is kicked out way out to the left in his counter steer and he is at speed. There is great information on...

    Counter Steering

    Counter Steering, or CS. Bars right, go left. Or as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation calls it, press right to go right – press left to go left. I first learned of this in the mid-60’s. When I ended up at my first duty station, I found to ride on that station required attending a motorcycle...

    Three Days On the NC and SC Coasts

    Some things with me and pic's. 1. I have never been an avid camera kind of guy. When my daughter was born, I nearly filled an album with her pictures. When my son was born, he got a driver's license photo. 2. I have a cell phone that I detest. I keep it for emergencies and now-a-days it is a...

    Windjammer SS fairing turn signal / horn grills

    Got the wiring down, been using a relay with the higher output horns mounted on the fairing mount for years. My problem is fingering out how the horns mount in the limited faring space without touching the fairing anywhere other than the mounting point, as any interference will fade the tone and...

    Windjammer SS fairing turn signal / horn grills

    As far as duct tape over the fairing holes, I went with Gorilla Tape. The adhesive is much more aggressive than standard duct tape and has stood up to weathering where ever I have used it.

    Windjammer orange wire to fuse box

    After the stator, don't forget the voltage regulator / rectifier. The rectifier (diode) could throw you a curve as well, an alternator is just that, puts out voltage and draws it back so the battery does not charge. The rectifier is like a one way check valve for voltage current and converts AC...

    XS11 Lowers Question

    My lowers (Type 2) are seasonal, on for winter and off for summer. Use to live in Central California and it was not my XS11 that overheated running in the summer heat with lowers, it was me! I also lived in southern Arizona (Yuma) and I knew riders who ran lowers year round with no bike...

    Three Days On the NC and SC Coasts

    I was with my elegant lady in black the past three days. She went with me most willingly, responded to my every request, strong in evading all who would do us harm, was sensitive to my lightest touch, never once complained, up early every morning, gave all she had all day and night and...

    MCRD - The (GOOD) old days?

    I visited MCRD San Diego a number of times when I was in and out of Pendleton. There was a time years ago before the Coronado Bridge was built, the only way to drive to North Island was to take the ferry or drive south of the bay and up the Strand. There was also a Water Taxi from the Port...

    MCRD - The (GOOD) old days?

    For all who have served their community, town, city and country this is for you- - - - Saturday the 13th was my fiftieth anniversary of the day I reported to boot camp at MCRD Parris Island August 13, 1966. Friday morning, Monster and I headed south to arrive at Beaufort, South Carolina and...

    overspray all over my bike, please help.

    For plastic, a light polishing with Mother's Polish should help. For vinal, try Goop hand cleaner. Let that set on the paint wet for a few hours and there you go.