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    530 members, ROLL CALL!

    Hey all. Still working on getting the bike going. What I have going for me is that I have finally officially empty nested and actually have a few minutes of spare time. Its a 1976 GL1000 and I'm officially the second owner. The previous owner loved it for 88k before parking it. He passed...
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    Trunk bunkies question

    Here is one from Amazon M6 10mm x 20mm D x 20mm H uxcell Rubber Cylinder Anti Vibration Isolator Mounts Damper 20mmx20mm 4pcs
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    1976 GL1000 Windjammer III w/Saddlebags & Burro trailer restoration

    I finally got up off the couch and started the process of tackling getting my '76 GL1000 on the road. Secured my motorcycle learners permit and will have my title straightened out. Seems as if back in the day, they though the frame and engine serials matched (like autos). Good think we have a...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas from Indiana. While not white, it was cold and as we all settled into our beds, thoughts of sunny, open roads flowed through our heads. Here is hoping for a quick winter for those that experience snow and dry roads for those who don't.
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    Patches, Patches, and Patches!

    Got mine today. Very cool! Showed it to my 16 yr old. He rolled his eyes as he said, "You joined a car club...?" No son, it's much better than that.
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    Greetings from Lebanon, IN

    Walt Peycha here. I was hornswaggled/cajoled/ect. into assisting a friend (who is a GL1000 hoarder) in reducing his inventory. I am now the proud owner of a 1976 GL1000 with a Vetter fairing & saddlebags. In addition, I also ended up with a Burro trailer. I will be refurbishing the bike and...