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    Cycle Canada Terraplane Review 1982

    Very interesting article. A welcome addition to my Terraplane history file. Thanks.
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    Want To Buy - Vetter Terraplane Mounts

    My machinist "buddy" bowed out on me - had too many better paying jobs. I'm still scouring eBay & craigslist, but not having any luck, so far. I have only the set that came with my Terraplane, which I hope will work on an 82 Interstate I'm trying to bring back to life. I'll post any finds or...
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    A call for Vetter serial numbers

    My latest acquisition - Vetter Trunk SN 36-222537.
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    Windjammer V Lowers

    Sold! If they are off a GL1100 & WJ V, they must be Type 51. Anyway, I'll take them. How do you want payment - check, PayPal. Let me know. Ray
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    Windjammer V Lowers

    The fairing is maroon(wineberry), but will probably be repainted before installation, so I'll take any color I can find. Thanks for the reply. Ray
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    Windjammer V Lowers

    Looking for a set of Type 51 Lowers for a Windjammer V Fairing to mount on an 82 GL1100I rebuild. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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    A call for Vetter serial numbers

    I've got a Windjammer V 63-144171; a Trunk 36-245606; and a Terraplane 07-100310.
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    Check Mike324's post on this subject. He furnished the latest manual available, which is for a GL1100. Hope this helps.
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    Terraplane Windscreen Attachment Method

    Go to Craig Vetter's website> He offers them for sale.
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    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    I have one too. Bought it on EBay, some time back. No markings whatsoever. Had no speaker grilles. I fabricated some mounts and put it on my KZ1000P, which is up for sale. Definitely not a Fred Hoese product.
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    trim on side of terraplane body

    Welcome aboard! Try "Googling" Trim Lock. They have what you are looking for. I'm also restoring a Terraplane, and if I can be of further help, Give a Shout. Ray
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    Anti Sway Bar

    Great looking job. Keep us up to date. Of real interest to me, since I am still in the midst of the rebuild/restoration of my T-Plane. Thanks for sharing.
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    Greetings from Semi-Terraplane newbie!

    You indeed have a modified Terraplane(somebody went to a lot of work). Saw all of your pic's on the TP Fans forum. Great find. Enjoy and Welcome to the group!
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    Calling all Terraplane Owners

    Finally gained access to the site. roncar you were right - lot of TP info & photos. Thanks again.
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    Calling all Terraplane Owners

    I've tried for months to gain access to that site without success. Will just keep trying. Thanks.